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Default Hello for Drylobster!
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Some of you might remember me and i remember some of you! I made a post on DryLobster about an revisiting Assault and its getting some of the older people back. Drip, Lost Soul, Danks, French Toast etc.... And then Butcher sent me a PM so i thought i would hit you guys up. Here is the post:

From what Butcher said you all do this once a year or something? Well is anyone down? I made the offer on Lobster so ill make it here. I have 2 extra keys (i think) if not i will buy 2 people keys for the game and even upload a full copy of the game to a torrent site like Demonoid. Then purchase keys and email them to you. Anyone ready to play assault again for the first time in what? 5 years?

Oh ill probably forget about this post as i am a pirate and drinking my rum so my Xfire: ehcaptainmorgan and my Steam: Captain_Morgan129

EDIT: Damn tried to change my mistake...can an admin change for - from in the title. That really bugs the hell out of me.
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