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The reason balance seems so bad these days is because a lot of the really aggressive players have left and we are left with a bunch of turd bags that just don't go to nodes.
Nah.... The reason is escalation (of damage).

The poor players have always been there since day 1. I know because I used to be one of them. UT2004 was my first venture into competitive online gaming beginning with the demo cycle of torlan an primeval. When I first started playing I couldn't even do a non-standstill shock combo considered dodge jump dark magics. My primary weapon of choice was the minigun. I slowly got better. By the time I hit my ceiling, I could join a map on DW or OMNI and know that I could bring back the losing side regardless of the current state of the map. By the time I hung up my spurs for good, that was simply no longer true. There is so much damage in the game, that no matter how skilled a player one is, nodes & nexuses just fall too fast to cover them all. The maps have become much more team dependent to their detriment. The reason being is that 1 or 2 solid players in the old days could keep their team afloat long enough to hope for an OT win even if the odds were heavily stacked against them. That simply is not possible anymore, doesn't matter how good you are. If the enemy team has 1 more good player than you, and that player is in a high DPS vehicle, the map is pretty much over at that point. And that makes the lack of balancing, which used to be held in check by the time-sink of killing nodes, much more severely felt.

TLDR, if you want more competitive games regardless of teams, reduce available DPS. I know that won't happen because of something to do with horses and water....

Also, the system I suggested is effectively the same as DW, just with no mutator required. But previous statement still applies.
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