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Originally Posted by Carpe Diem View Post
Been tried before Beth. The players refuse to play anything new. There are currently 93 maps on the server.
The top 28 maps have been played approximately 31,000 times since the counter was reset. The rest (65) have
been played about 4,000 times. See a problem ?

The only way to do it is to up the cool down counter (# of maps which must be played before a particular map
can be voted on again) up dramatically (it's currently at 20) or remove the favourite maps entirely. Both of these
will elicit much screaming and gnashing of the teeth.

We could also have no voting what-so-ever and let the server do random maps. You can imagine how that would go over.

"Older" maps also don't fly because... OH MY GOD THERE IS NO [insert random super vehicle]. As someone who has
played UT2K4 ONS since it emerged from the primordial stew of great games, I can tell you that (for the most part)
playing with the stock vehicles is much more of an engaging experience. But "todays" generation needs action, all
the time, everywhere with the biggest baddest weapons possible. The subtleties of great ONS battles are lost on
the "new generation" of maps/players.

Any suggestions ?
I didn't mean get rid of the maps that have been played over and over. I just meant that maybe that short list of 7 or 8 maps (that I recently sent to you) might be thrown in there. Just for a mixture of choice. Some of those were really good maps.