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Top 28, hmm? Try 30 as cool-down counter. People then will have to deal with the "unknown" maps once in a while.
And about the vehicles: The biggest drawback of having super-fast/super-powerful vehicles is that you don't stand the slightest chance against them when you are on foot. And that happens often enough, I think. (If it doesn't, the map probably has too many vehicles in it.) Whenever I create new vehicles, I'm trying to balance them against the standard set of vehicles.

With the hovertank I accidentally gave Raptors a strong advantage, simply by making the tank a hovercraft and thus attracting the Raptor rockets. But that's all ok because at a reasonable distance, the Poltergeist can still try to take out the Raptor with the heat ray. The new hovertank I'm working on has special anti-air rockets for the gunner to defend itself because its primary gun is "only" the standard tank shell.
Or the Hail of Steel with its long-range Mercury rockets. Those are good against stationary and slow-moving targets, but are of limited use in air-to-air combat or against small ground targets due to their lack of accuracy if you spam them. The gunner will get a branching link-beam that should be a good all-around weapon, provided the pilot gets close to opponents. Might have devastating effect if the opponent is dump enough to stick together. Then again, an opponent might decide to do that to take advantage of the branching link-heal of the same weapon if used on team mates.

Has anyone ever considered allowing the Translocator to be used in Onslaught? Could be necessary to create a more vehicle-aware version of it, but might be worth a try.

And maybe people should think about more non-overkill vehicles to make things more interesting on new maps.
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