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For what it's worth, I don't think the lack of variety in the map selection is to blame for that sort of behavior. It's just people enjoying being dicks to other people. I recall several times where I was on the winning team and overheard some top players actively telling the team to not take down the core and to make the other team suffer for the rest of the round. I muttered a "fuck you" in my head and went ahead and took down the core myself, to the protest of the people leading the schadenfreude charge. I did it because I know what it's like to be on the receiving end of that, and it is not pleasant at all, and ruins the gaming experience for me, and because I'm not a dick (hey Steve, remember that Not a Dick club you started, that I joined? I meant it.).

That sort of thing just ruins the fun for everyone on the losing team, and it is not sportsmanlike at all. "Blah blah blah this isn't a game this is war, blargh blarghy blargh." Allow me to speak facts rather than subjectivity when I say that, NO, you are wrong; it IS a game, and if you're deliberately causing grief (aka GRIEFING) to the other players in your game, other team or your own, you're not playing the game how it should be played, you're not being a big man with a huge score and an even huger e-penis, you're just being a dick, plain and simple. And if you are, don't hide behind words and so-called strategies to explain your dick behavior, own up to it, cause everyone knows it; just say "Yes, I'm doing it because I'm a dick. And I don't care." People will hate you, but they should, because people hate dicks, and if you're being a dick, then you're gonna be hated. Deal with it, the way you try and make all of us deal with your dick behavior.

Thanks for loaning me your soapbox, Beth; you may have it back now.
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