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Originally Posted by Enyo View Post
Pooty, some rebuttal to your comments...

11 is easy enough to get back with the right hardware. Lagzilla likes to take the Megabadger down there to protect, a good tactic. BUT, the mega is no match for the wind blade manta (available top of core). Just ask Lag, I've knocked him out of the mega twice on that map and stolen it. The wind blade is useless against nodes, but awesome against vehicles and infantry, knocking both all over the place.

You can get to 8/9 without a flyer. You can take a manta up the hill by the core entrance (left side if facing from outside) and ride along the bridge that connects 8 & 9. That's actually a great way to sneak up on anyone at one of those nodes.
There is also a Shocker on the map too and it should always go to 11 for either defense or to bring it down. There is also a Nova on the map which 95% of players have no clue how to use.
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