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Originally Posted by Enyo View Post
... I actually unmuted him a while back... he's just too damn entertaining to keep on ignore.
A week ago I was being too chatty and Sarge said to me "to shut the fuck up", er something to that effect, LOL. I guess I had it coming and he was having a bad day.

Then the wisest thing I've ever heard anyone say in chat was by Binger, "if someone is pissing you off, don't tell them to shut up, put them on mute". BINGER <- Intelligent!

I had Kronix (Yoyoma) muted for years but somehow he wasn't muted for me one day. I was surprised because he was speaking intelligent good team contributing stuff. Not the stuff, I remember, "you're an idiot, don't go there, STFU, etc", that kinda crap. Time to take him off mute I guess, haha!
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