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Originally Posted by Enyo View Post
So xexx, regarding the original point of this post, please explain the “strategy” when you’re repeatedly spamming the core rooftop on MTMU with the dragon instead of shooting at the core when your team has fully built an enemy primary. Already know your lame rationalization, so I’ll save you the time... you’re preventing the enemy from getting to the primary with the flyers to take it back, right? Oh really? So once you’ve bombed and destroyed all the flyers and hover boards, I guess you’re really helping your team out by continuously pummeling the roof instead of shooting the core... they might run all the way on foot to get that primary back before you’re done destroying the core. Sure sounds like sandbagging to me.

OR, and we’ve all witnessed this one too, instead of spamming the core roof you’re flying around shooting foot soldiers or ground vehicles, some of which aren’t even going toward the primary your team owns. And oh yeah, you’re still not shooting the core. Meanwhile the timer runs out and your team gets one point instead of the two you could (and should) have helped get, but purposely didn’t. What’s the strategy there? Oh I remember what you told me once, you like that map and wanted to play it again, especially since so many of the maps are “shitty and full of gimmicks.” Yeah let’s pummel the other team for another 30 minutes instead of getting it over with quickly. That’s a great “strategy” for keeping players on.

Either way you’re a sandbagging cocksucker and I’m sure you’ll be by shortly to issue yet another lame rationalization (that only you think is clever) for your shitty d-bag behavior. Interesting how you keep defending your actions as some kind of sound strategy, especially racing to the enemy primary at round start. Nobody worth a shit on this server is surprised by it, least of all me as I intercept your punk ass EVERY TIME I get the dragon. In fact we all expect it knowing you are fully incapable of changing your behavior... I mean strategy.
This is a ridiculous question from someone with as much experience as yourself. Accurately placing the blitzkreig into the second level of the base against 2 base turrets and everything exiting is pure and utter suicide for the dragon, not to mention miscalculations where you hit an upper level damaging yourself.

Surviving above the base keeps the enemy dragon and flyer down, the friendly mino safe from boards full of goo, and allows aerial bombing of heavy vehicles leaving the base while easily allowing a LOS retreat that few can hit you from. All while keeping your own teams mino and ion safer to hit the core. So no, it most definitely ends the round quicker, if you have competent people in those other vehicles.

Vehicles that escape the heavy bombardment can then be taken out or at least damaged and distracted with the secondary fire of the Dragon, while your team shoots them from the opposite side as they're staring above their own base.
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