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You guys is crazy.

Glue, I don't know what to do about that. I usually spawn and the left side primary, jump in the Badger, and head to the lakebed node. Sometimes I die over and over but once in a while I get the node built and it's worth it. A lot of people will rush to a node and jump out and start building. Unless it's overtime I'm try to go by the plan of... clear the area, set up a defense, then build the node. There's no point in starting a node if you don't have time to finish it. The tanks that camp those lakebed nodes are pretty slow. Circle the node before you go in and help clear the area, then build the node. Sounds simple I know but you can't build a node with someone pounding the area unless you have several players there linking, so you've got to clear the area and time it right.

The things I can think of to prevent the pounding of the lakebed nodes is to...

-Change the link set-up.
-Lower the terrain like I was trying that one time.
-Put some walls or something around the lakebed nodes. I kind of like this idea. There could be a little island in the lake that had some of those walls on it surrounding the node.
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