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Originally Posted by GlueEater View Post
Not to rain on anyone's parade but the link tank is at the bottom of the list of problems on this map. Having the two contested nodes in the middle with hills on both sides is a terrible idea. I'm one of the morons that actually goes to these nodes and after one round tonight I died over 30 times from tanks perched up on the hill. At one time the railgun tank, the ion, the mino and link tank and that stupid electric tank were all on the same hill at the same time. Should change the name of the map to Camper-TMU. First step to improving this map is eliminate the ability to shoot down into the nodes and the area around it... not tweaking the link tank.

I have an idea: How about a chain-link fence that runs along the edge of the ridge line. You'd be able to see through it, but not shoot through it. We could even hang up "This fence sponsored by Omnip)o(tentS" signs on it.
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