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Originally Posted by Binger View Post
How close is similar? I like the current lasers on the Link tank. I would be sad if they were weaker. I'm already sad that my favorite vehicle has been practically neutered. Badger MKII minigun is like a damn assault rifle.

So is there already a 2.0 Link tank that I can put on here? Like I said, the one on one of the MTMU maps seems to have good distance on it's lasers. It would be nice though if the turret was on top of the tank so that it could shoot 360 degrees.

The fog on Dria TMU is currently set to 18,000.

The BioTank lasers are more powerful than the Link Tank's lasers. They fire less rapidly however, which makes it harder to hit infantry and Mantas. That shouldn't be a problem on Dria-TMU where everything moves at a painfully slow pace.

The lasers on the Link Tank 2.0 actually have less range than the lasers on Kamek's first version. (The one with the plasma turret)
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