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I've made some progress on this. I got it to create the .u file.

I basically made the same changes as on the LongRange version but I renamed it. I'm still working on the range though, trying to find the right value there. It's done with the lifespan so combine that with the speed and that gives the range (I think). I wish it was in actual distance instead. I'm not sure how to calculate speed*lifespan=uu. I think I also want to up the speed of the shot like in the LongRange version. It seems to take a long time to get there when you are zoomed in further and it travels further.

I've also got the Minigun to pitch straight up so Raptors can't get in a spot where you can't hit them while they chew you up.

For some reason my shots are off just a little to the left like on the LongRange version. I don't get that. The spread is set to zero so it must be something else.
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