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Changes from Dria-Gorz-Stones:

- Stones have been replaced by the center node structures from Dria-TMU
- Light Badger + Aegis at center nodes
- Nuclear strike painters at bridge weapon bases, Ion painters at corner node towers
- Firetank replaced FireWolf
- Firehound replaced by Hellhound
- Weak Falcon at core, blue falcon respawns faster than the red one to compensate for the map asymmetry
- Many of the Scorpion variants have been upgraded to more useful ones
- Lots of random things around the map were cleaned up
- Quadjump is enabled: It really helps foot soldiers defend against the Falcon and tanks

Edit: Just played it on a full server and it got a lot of positive reviews. The Mantis is particularly fun, and takes a good bit of skill to use effectively.

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