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Running into a bug. The BSP surfaces are going black (actually not receiving any light I think) when I shoot an infantry weapon close to them. If it's a horizontal surface that I'm standing on it's usually black but will flicker when shooting. Sometimes it sticks, other times not. Grrr. If it's a wall it will only glitch if I'm standing right next to it. It's not looking good.

Basic Method: Add the xTeamMaterialSwitch near a node or core. This will create a new embedded MaterialSwitch. Assign that MaterialSwitch to a BSP surface just like you would with any material. If added near a node then it will use three separate materials; the two for teams and a third for if the node isn't built. Adding next to a core will only use the two materials since the core is always active. It will only use one material per round. It's more complicated then that, ofc, but that's the basics.

I got it to work for SMs also but having trouble there as well. I only tried on that mesh from Orbital and it has multiple material layers. I tried 3 different methods and the UV mapping is still screwed up. I will try on a mesh with just one material layer which I expect to work as the I think the trouble I'm having is not with the actor but with the way the mesh and material layers are set up.
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