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Originally Posted by Lagzilla View Post
Here is a link to functional team lighting. Tested on a dedicated server as well.

Wow, that's cool. There are some bugs though. At least one of them wasn't resetting on round change after I destroyed the core. There was a time everything was out of sync so that it was red when not built then would turn off when I built the node. Also there were times when both lights were on so that the light was purple. I didn't do any troubleshooting on it.

Also when I was on red I wasn't getting the label or health bar for the node.

Originally Posted by Lagzilla View Post
It seems it is going through the material tree of a specific shader?

The thing I tried was Wormbo's, it has the most stuff that seemed like what you wanted.

The material switch you were messing with should work, if the texture supported it, so it seems. Though the one you are wanting to use I don't think it will as there are separate texture files for each color/shader so on... I may be misunderstanding this though as it's a bit outside my comfort zone/realm of knowledge.

I got this to work on BSP using the simple color materials he included with XTeamMaterialSwitch. So cool. I was trying too hard and was overlooking the simple solution, which worked. I need to mess around with different materials other than the simple ones he included and also try it on SMs. I'm hopeful though. I'll let you know when I get it done and upload a test map.

The default MaterialSwitch seems to just hold other materials. You can assign the MaterialSwitch to a BSP surface. What I don't understand is how it's supposed to switch the materials without using Wormbo's actor but no biggy as long as it works with his XTeamMaterialSwitch.

More later on methods and results...
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