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Originally Posted by Lagzilla View Post
The material switch thing is odd. It actually mungs the texture if you look at it in the texture browser. I assume I am making a simple mistake, since the editor is not intuitive.

I had to go to Urban Dictionary for that one.

Are you talking about creating a new material switch in the texture browser or something to do with Wormbo's xTeamMaterialSwitch? Any clear explanations of what you've tried would be helpful. I'm going to keep posting here in case someone comes along later and tries this (plus it helps me).

So it seems like it should be possible to make a material which can be triggered to change but I can't figure that out.

That page is about MaterialSwitch. I'm assuming it's talking about a MaterialSwitch that is created through the texture browser. I can't imagine what else it would talking about but I created a basic one and I don't see any way to change anything. There's nothing in it's properties about this stuff...

"A trigger-advanced list of materials"

"Instance functions


function Reset ()
Overrides: Modifier.Reset
Resets to the first material in the Materials list. Also resets that first material and the FallbackMaterial. Note that other materials in the list will not be reset.

function Trigger (Actor Other, Actor EventInstigator)
Overrides: Modifier.Trigger
Switches to the next material in the Materials list. If the end of the list is reached, the first material is switched to.
The new material and the FallbackMaterial are triggered as well."

I don't understand what an Instance Function is. The properties are there but how do I access this Instance function stuff, like the trigger? IDK.

If I create a MaterialSequence there is a field for TriggerAction that has Ignore, Reset, Pause, and Stop but that is what happens after a trigger and I don't know how to tie a trigger to a Material so that doesn't help.

That's what it comes down to. Not getting a brush or SM to change its material (I don't think that's possible) but getting a material to change one of it's levels based off of an event (ActivationEventName from core/node).

The UDN is very sparse on materials info and doesn't help...

Something I've been reminded about with trying to get this work is how much this game seems capable of doing and that so many things it can do don't seem to be in the game.

I also played around with XTeamMaterialSwitch for a while last night but I can't figure that out. It seems like its purpose is exactly what I'm looking for but I'm stumped.
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