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Originally Posted by Lagzilla View Post
Do you know a map that this is working in? I have futzed with it a lot and no luck.

I did get team colored lighting to work.

Lag, don't go through much trouble for me. I'm mostly just curious. It has come to mind in the past (mostly BSP) so I thought I would ask.

Miauz pointed out to me that Medievel has some team colored meshes. They are modded versions of the team banners. The roofs for the towers at the core base. I haven't checked it out very well. I just opened the map in the editor to confirm I could find them and browsed the properties for a minute.

How did you get lights to work?

Check out the MeteorCity map. It's pretty cool. It has an arena theme with audiences and advertisements and is fun in that way but a lot of the BSP is team colored and doesn't change. That's why I gave up on editing it. IIRC the author said something about playing really long rounds against bots so I guess it's possible he never got to a second round.

Masterbath is the same way. The colored walls don't change. I don't think anyone even notices but on MeteorCity I think it would stand out more.

There's also that Deathrow map that darksonny recently pointed out.

BSP would be at the top of the list for team materials but I don't see that happening.

That SM in my screenshot uses a UV2Texture. I don't know how that is different from a skin.
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