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Same congratulatory feelings about this night as well. I also played from Jumpship-Thunderstrom, so I'll do an additional report.

Originally Posted by analog View Post
Best of all - 5 different original )o( members showed up to show their AS love!
For reference sake, the five )o( members were Proxi, Meatball, TheSage, BeBop, and Analog (?).

Jumpship - Blue won
Red Team: Adolytsi, D_B_X, Flounder, Mailbox, )o(Meatball, YummyBanana
Blue Team: )o(Analog, FuzzySlippers, )o(Proxi, SoapyMacNCheese, Turbo_K
Notes: Blue was generally able to hold objectives much longer than Red could. Both teams successfully attacked, but Blue was able to do so faster.

Aswan - Red won
Red Team: D_B_X, Flounder, FuzzySlippers, Mailbox, Martian, Miauz55555, )o(Proxi
Blue Team: Adolytsi, )o(Analog, )o(Meatball, SoapyMacNCheese, Turbo_K, YummyBanana
Notes: Blue didn't defend the initial sun prisms, while Red stalled a lot of time defending their first one.

ChaosExtended - Blue won
Red Team: Binger, D_B_X, duh, Flounder, FuzzySlippers, Mailbox, Martian, )o(Meatball
Blue Team: )o(Analog, Bluduck, Miauz55555, )o(Proxi, SoapyMacNCheese, )o(TheSage
Notes: I'm still not sure what happened when Red didn't drive the Ion Tank down the elevator for something like two minutes. We also didn't push through the ion cannon section as fast as blue did.

Warmachines[Race] - Red won
Red Team: )o(Analog, FuzzySlippers, Flounder, Mailbox, Martian (partially), )o(Meatball, )o(Proxi, )o(TheSage
Blue Team: )o(Bebop, Binger, dimshade, duh, Miauz5555, SoapyMacNCheese, YummyBanana
Notes: Red was able to secure the objectives without significant Blue defense. Red was able to defend the first objective with Hellbenders for the entirety of the second round.

Fortress-JMP - Red won
Red Team: D_B_X, dimshade, duh, Flounder, FuzzySlippers, Mailbox, Turbo_K
Blue Team: )o(Analog, )o(Bebop, )o(Meatball, Miauz5555, )o(Proxi, )o(TheSage
Notes: "5 )o('s vs a dimshade - about even" -)o(Analog
Red was able to move faster than Blue with objectives.

BritishBulldogv2 - Voted out (score was Red 3-1 Blue)
Red Team: Binger, )o(Bebop, dimshade, Flounder, )o(Meatball, Miauz5555
Blue Team: )o(Analog (dipped out from this map early), Bluduck, D_B_X, duh, Mailbox (switched from Red towards end), )o(Proxi, Turbo_K
Notes: A gimmicky map that I personally advocated for, I was enjoying just seeing people flying all over the place as some attempt was made to play the objective. It was voted out at the beginning of the second round, as 20 minutes of doing the same thing got stale.

ChocolateFactoryFudge - Red won
Red Team: )o(Bebop, dox, JohnSmallBerries (towards the end), Mailbox, )o(Meatball, Miauz5555 (left after successful attack), )o(Proxi
Blue Team: Binger, Bluduck (switched from Red towards end of second round), D_B_X, dimshade, Flounder, Turbo_K
Notes: Blue may be able to ram into our factory. Blue may able to shut down our chocolate machines, but they will not take our toilet paper!
(There was a good back and forth on this map, honestly)

Thunderstrom - Red won
Red Team: Bluduck (left early), D_B_X, Mailbox, Terminator
Blue Team: )o(Meatball, JohnSmallBerries, )o(Proxi
Notes: Another good back and forth. On the second half, Blue was pushing faster than Red did up until the low-grav shooting range, where Red was able to hold for a considerable amount of time.

"I'm good at this part!" -Terminator

The extra time taken for that objective was enough to secure the defense for Red.

AS-Do)o(msDay - Red won (if that matters)
Red Team: JohnSmallBerries, Mailbox
Blue Team: UmberGryphon (left early)
Notes: The last map of the night, the sole blue team member left 5 minutes in, making this map an easy sweep. Everyone was gone by the end of the second half.

All in all, it was fun times. I think it'd be best if the assault server were left on during weekends, but have designated assault nights on the server every month or quarter.

Thanks everyone!
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