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Another great Assault night is in the books, and it was the best one we had in a long time. The server stayed populated all night.

As always, I got the maps and the winners.

Mushroom Kingdom - Blue (did you all play before 7:00? I would have been earlier, but I didn't see any current map played)
Osaka - Blue (good to do that one again)
Convoy - Blue (fast!)
Ballsx - Blue (force-voted)
KvwRaceTown - Voted out (I prefer non race maps myself, but that was ok. Too bad I got to both objectives too late)
HighRise - Blue (a staple of Assault nights)
FallenCity - Blue (aka the shockcore command center)
Jumpship - Blue (FAST again)
Junkyard - Blue (both sides drew out the time limit but Blue was faster)
Ballsx - Blue (again)
Thunderstrom - Red (first red win and I like that map a lot!)
Glacier - Red (2 wins for Red!)
Grandcanyon - Voted out (My bad on that choice, I forgot the end drags, but it's a good invasion map @ DW Monster Evo)
BlazingChase - Blue (not glitched as I thought, but fun!)
Castle2K4 - Red (by that time, everyone left and Blue didn't even get a chance to defend, weird)

There was a rash of Blue wins, and I realized I had my team preference on Red halfway through those maps, and I set it to None.

I certainly can help with good maps. A while back when the server was 24/7, I went through every single available map and found the best ones to play with fewer people and more bots on. Not all the maps have intelligent bots, but if the server stays up on off-times you can play these maps and have a good time with tough bots that don't stay crouched near one starting objective and will fight well on offense and defense:

Any of the above maps are good for practice too because the bots are just like human players. They'd also be good for future Assault nights, yes, even Thunderstrom made that list!

See you next AS night!
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