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Originally Posted by Pi View Post
updated to latest release. The only difference between ours and CENOSS's instance is bConnectingPlayersBalanceTeams=False/True (We have True set). what does that setting do?
When a new player connects and this option is set, the player is supposed to be assigned a team by Even Match, not by the game's own logic.

The mutator does not consider game state over time, but only current game state to tell, which team is currently doing better. It does so mostly to make sure a smaller, but better, team doesn't get stacked even more. The other function is complete shuffling at the start of a match (you might want to set a match start delay that allows most players to join in time) and after really short rounds. That one takes points per hour values from each player's last match (or that short round) into account to mix teams for a minimum difference between the PPH sums of the teams.
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