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 sendpm.gif Send a message via ICQ to Q Send a message via AIM to Q Send a message via Yahoo to Q home.gif find.gif 12-16-2004 9,125 01-06-2018 Q's Avatar September 8, 1971 46 QettoEChi-Town   
 sendpm.gif home.gif find.gif 12-20-2004 8,375 06-24-2009 Stormblade's Avatar November 10, 1961 56  Long Island, New York Destroying my enemiesPolishing my swords, reloading my rocket launcher, females
Carpe Diem
seize this !! .l..
 sendpm.gif   find.gif 04-10-2006 7,606 01-16-2018 Carpe Diem's Avatar June 30, 1960 57  Vancouver Self Employed - Telecommunications 
Madame Arsenic
My non de plume...
 sendpm.gif Send a message via ICQ to Madame Arsenic Send a message via AIM to Madame Arsenic Send a message via MSN to Madame Arsenic Send a message via Yahoo to Madame Arsenic   find.gif 12-19-2004 6,398 03-20-2017 Madame Arsenic's Avatar April 27, 1986 31  Seattlesmokin drinkin shootin snortinProgrammer/StudentGame and Simulation Programming
Lord of Death
 sendpm.gif home.gif find.gif 12-18-2004 6,381 11-10-2017 Necromancer's Avatar August 4, 1981 36  South Carolina Federal Government 
 sendpm.gif home.gif find.gif 12-25-2004 4,774 01-01-2017 ARsEnAl51's Avatar    Bleeeet! Hunting llamas >:PEating llamas ^_^
 sendpm.gif home.gif find.gif 01-23-2005 3,869 01-04-2018 Butcher's Avatar    England   
 sendpm.gif home.gif find.gif 01-03-2006 3,633 03-28-2013 Optimus_P-Fat's Avatar   39  New Jersey Programmer 
 sendpm.gif home.gif find.gif 04-12-2006 3,504 09-29-2017 Pi's Avatar March 14 yourmomimeanpi <-that's Your-mom-i-mean-pi.... not your-momi-mean-pi (@pix)USA Traveling Salesmanmonopoly, rummy, sorry, cribbage, shock balls
 sendpm.gif Send a message via ICQ to G-Force Send a message via MSN to G-Force Send a message via Yahoo to G-Force   find.gif 02-14-2005 3,188 01-03-2016 G-Force's Avatar February 21, 1978 39  Jasonville, INbusy f'in ur couchOn vacationgames, anything PC related.
I am....a badass
 sendpm.gif Send a message via AIM to Tachyon Send a message via MSN to Tachyon   find.gif 06-22-2005 3,053 11-14-2015 Tachyon's Avatar February 25, 1990 27  Nuevo Mejico Being a Badass 
I Hate This Map
 sendpm.gif   find.gif 01-30-2007 2,970 08-27-2009 Big_Al_B's Avatar June 12, 1984 33 bigalbToronto 3D Modelling College Grad3D, Hardcore, Industrial, Metal
--- Super Nashwan ---
 sendpm.gif   find.gif 03-03-2005 2,891 03-12-2011 dr.mindkiller's Avatar March 12, 1978 39 drmindkillerTürkiye   
Rupert Quentin Pollard
Omnihax l)o(l
 sendpm.gif   find.gif 12-30-2004 2,847 02-10-2010      Fairyland   
 sendpm.gif Send a message via ICQ to RicShaw Send a message via Yahoo to RicShaw   find.gif 01-17-2005 2,734 09-10-2011   April 5, 1984 33  Brooklyn, NY Background checks 
Community Veteran
 sendpm.gif   find.gif 06-09-2005 2,689 01-10-2018 analog's Avatar    Red Sox Nation   
Community Veteran
 sendpm.gif   find.gif 03-04-2005 2,678 05-03-2013 SpeedDemon's Avatar September 8, 1980 37  Kansas City ACAD Drafter, Engineering TechnicianPoker, Football, any kind of gambling, time management
 sendpm.gif   find.gif 12-20-2004 2,607 06-16-2012 juggalo_kyle's Avatar July 25, 1987 30  Orland,CA   
 sendpm.gif   find.gif 12-28-2004 2,593 05-07-2007 Caboose's Avatar    around   
Im a little hoedrak.
 sendpm.gif   find.gif 02-25-2005 2,324 11-12-2017 Nodrak's Avatar    umm, an Igloo? HoedrakUT, 3D modeling, Chicks, Beer, Guns, Grass, Cars, Music, Movies... well shit just life in general
 sendpm.gif   find.gif 11-12-2007 2,286 01-14-2018 Binger's Avatar February 2, 1967 50      
 sendpm.gif   find.gif 09-17-2006 2,264 07-29-2013 AyEyE's Avatar August 7, 1971 46 therealayeyeOKC Sys Admin 
Omni Annoyance
 sendpm.gif Send a message via AIM to Bastard Send a message via Yahoo to Bastard   find.gif 02-21-2009 2,198 09-14-2017 Bastard's Avatar   25 [OMNI]_BastardCharlotteIm a major Bastard :)  
The CLIT Commander
 sendpm.gif Send a message via ICQ to ScoRp!oN Send a message via AIM to ScoRp!oN   find.gif 01-05-2005 2,023 05-17-2016 ScoRp!oN's Avatar November 11  Tulsa, OK EE Grad Student 
Stinger Driver
 sendpm.gif Send a message via MSN to Gorzakk   find.gif 04-16-2006 2,021 08-12-2015 Gorzakk's Avatar April 14, 1976 41  In a workshopI lost my doctorate in a volcanoI am a doctorWoo Woo Woo Woo!
Server Sponsor
 sendpm.gif   find.gif 08-01-2006 1,967 03-03-2017   March 29, 1990 27 sirstevehSeattle Software EngineerGuitar, Coffee roasting
bFireStyle == SS_Random
 sendpm.gif Send a message via AIM to Kyllian Send a message via MSN to Kyllian home.gif find.gif 12-24-2004 1,961 04-13-2015 Kyllian's Avatar   37  In my secret lab. Overclocking nuclear hamster mines.  Being called the anti-Christ
<--CheckOutThe @$$ on her
 sendpm.gif   find.gif 06-09-2008 1,878 05-26-2016 DjAy-T's Avatar   34 xfire? is that like playing swords w/ your best friend in the school bathroom?'NeW oRlEaNs'"get some!"Sux!i love UT2k4 and i love me-Rum... and when i combine the two... arrrr- i kill you!
R.I.P. Tr1gg3r
 sendpm.gif home.gif find.gif 02-05-2006 1,770 12-03-2009 eth0's Avatar December 17, 1987 30 jorgeschrauwenStormblade's Closet Webdeveloper/studentCoding, Girls (not mutual), Anime/Manga (may be part of problem mentioned before)
Community Veteran
 sendpm.gif   find.gif 04-15-2006 1,735 12-14-2009   October 19, 1975 42  Belleville, MI Electro-Mechanical Emulation EngineerFraggin'
sceenie weenie.
 sendpm.gif   find.gif 01-02-2006 1,663 05-11-2008 AnEpicOfTimeWasted's Avatar    ft worth.   
 sendpm.gif Send a message via AIM to Doc Send a message via MSN to Doc   find.gif 12-18-2004 1,624 07-16-2008 Doc's Avatar January 9, 1984 34  Atlanta, GA   
no u
 sendpm.gif Send a message via AIM to DaDaWg home.gif find.gif 08-22-2005 1,621 10-09-2009 DaDaWg's Avatar July 21, 1991 26  In the world I created. Assualt map creator.Gaming, Swimming, Street Magic. Etc.
Lord Marshal
 sendpm.gif home.gif find.gif 12-08-2006 1,599 01-11-2013 Riddick69's Avatar December 12, 1969 48 riddick1969Furya  UT2k4, OU Football, Woodworking
"Love Deviant"
 sendpm.gif Send a message via AIM to Pareechee   find.gif 10-09-2006 1,596 01-10-2010 Pareechee's Avatar August 9, 1990 27  New JerseyLazy unless motivated, intelligent in the math/science fields. Gamer for life.unemployed; woo.gaming, fencing
Caution: Panda will bite
 sendpm.gif   find.gif 01-15-2005 1,593 01-27-2010 Pandćmonium's Avatar June 9, 1987 30  CBus, Ohio   
 sendpm.gif Send a message via AIM to thePyro Send a message via Skype™ to thePyro home.gif find.gif 03-22-2005 1,582 01-20-2017 thePyro's Avatar March 20, 1989 28  Ledyard, CT studentprograming, web design
Turbo K
Community Veteran
 sendpm.gif   find.gif 06-23-2010 1,528 Yesterday Turbo K's Avatar        
Enema King
 sendpm.gif   find.gif 10-10-2006 1,513 04-25-2008 Cancer's Avatar August 1, 1988 29  Eugene Oregon Slacking 
Community Veteran
 sendpm.gif Send a message via Yahoo to FreshMeat   find.gif 07-06-2006 1,499 07-13-2013 FreshMeat's Avatar July 4, 1982 35 wiglywormCleveland IT *cough*helpdesk*cough* 
 sendpm.gif   find.gif 12-04-2005 1,492 10-30-2009 Rugal's Avatar February 26, 1990 27  ...Why would you want to know about me, of all people?Bagger at County MarketUT, some other stuff.
Community Veteran
 sendpm.gif Send a message via ICQ to Pimpin Send a message via AIM to Pimpin Send a message via MSN to Pimpin Send a message via Yahoo to Pimpin   find.gif 12-18-2004 1,384 06-11-2009 Pimpin's Avatar    Milwaukee, WI   
Cookie master!!!
 sendpm.gif Send a message via AIM to Sabel Send a message via MSN to Sabel   find.gif 08-11-2006 1,313 03-30-2015 Sabel's Avatar    Arizona   
Shredder of Reality
 sendpm.gif home.gif find.gif 06-01-2005 1,263 11-08-2017 TheSage's Avatar July 4, 1989 28  Cardiff StudentGraphics stuff, making maps, etc
Whassup whitchu?
 sendpm.gif   find.gif 01-13-2009 1,262 04-21-2015 Stoned_Oli's Avatar October 19, 1965 52  MissouriOld Fart with attitude, from the Quake 2 dial-up days  
Starving for the truth
 sendpm.gif Send a message via AIM to 2fast4u Send a message via MSN to 2fast4u Send a message via Skype™ to 2fast4u   find.gif 02-19-2007 1,244 03-15-2017 2fast4u's Avatar January 31, 1990 27 omni2fast4uUSA, MNI am me!IT Linux system administratorRock climbing
Community Veteran
 sendpm.gif home.gif find.gif 09-02-2005 1,193 08-21-2008 HTM|JaK_5quat's Avatar July 19, 1954 63  Birch Bay, Washington Director of Web ServicesMusic, Boats, Fraggin'
Community Veteran
 sendpm.gif Send a message via AIM to Mésto Send a message via MSN to Mésto home.gif find.gif 04-30-2005 1,192 08-05-2012 Mésto's Avatar    VA Student Foo, Football Player, DJ,Playa,Pimp bitch!Gaming,Girls Bitch i can look down broads shirts cause im 6'3,Pc Repair,building pc's,Sex lol,Football and basketball
Random Word Generator
 sendpm.gif home.gif find.gif 03-25-2007 1,165 03-11-2009 G-REX's Avatar June 30  RexMart, NY Wish I was unemployed 
Server Admin
 sendpm.gif   find.gif 12-23-2006 1,113 01-15-2018      The Matrix   
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