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  1. Infidell
    10-28-2018 08:41 PM
    Hi Carpe,

    I go by 'Army' on the server, been a regular for years. I'm friends with Dognuts and he mentioned that McLovin might be an admin. I just wanted to say that Mclovin really doesn't deserve it because he has often broken the rules of the server, spawn-killed, harassed other players, among other issues-he's also not too bright to be honest. You can ask Dognuts also, he can totally back me up on this.

    I can give you names of far better people who are generally respectful and follow the rules, like Mailbox, Dognuts and Spoon for instance who would make for good Admins. I'm cool with Mclovin as another player, he's like most average people on the server but he should not be given any power.

    But if the decision is 'final' that's fine...so long as people like Mclovin don't abuse their power then I don't really have an issue. But I do believe he'd get personal with people and kick/ban them out of spite. JMHO, thanks for listening.

  2. Infidell
    06-25-2017 08:16 PM
    I'll also repost the message below on the forum in case you're away.
  3. Infidell
    06-25-2017 08:14 PM
    Hi Carpe Diem,

    This is Remus, I created a thread under "Report a Chode" but it never appeared, that was about 5 days ago.
    It was about Xexx and him spawn-killing at the core/base, I'd like to know why it was ignored. If we can't appeal to admins and
    expect them to be impartial then what recourse is left?

    Also someone is using my name 'Remus' and a player in server mentioned he'd core camping...and when I enter it renames me as 'Player47'.
    I'm guessing it was Lagzilla since he was arguing with me because I said I didn't like a new version of a map, simply expressing my own
    opinion which is not illegal.

    One's name creates a reputation not only of skill but also how respectful we are of others and following rules. Whoever is impersonating
    me is trying to damage my rep or get me banned.

    Isn't it against the rules? Obviously if I posed as Flounder or someone else and started creating problems with players on the server I'd get banned.
    Can you please look into this and let me know.TIA

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